Castle House Inn

Reserve NowThis is it  –  The Old Town is the place to experience charming streets, narrow alleys and historical buildings with all the intriguing past and fascinating history of medieval merchants and nordic kings and queens.

The area in the Old Town where Castle House Inn is located dates back to the middle ages. The actual building replaced the old fish market after a fire in 1525 but the alley is found on maps from 1461.

The ancient cellar vaults are from early 1320.












The hotel is cozy, warm and welcoming with only 53 rooms. Some rooms are ranked four stars with ensuite facilities and redesigned bathrooms and some are ranked lower, having shared bathrooms, but all offering great hospitality and with prices adjusted accordingly. 

Rooms are clean and tidy and fitted with very good beds, television and a writing desk.



Castle House Inn is a mixture of traditional and modern, young and experienced. Attentive, friendly and open minded staff will serve the guests with help and information and WiFi access is provided throughout the hotel, as well as in the rooms.

The hotel has a space to store the luggage, which is handy if arriving early or departing late.

Uniquely accomodating in the heart of the Scandinavian Capital, the hotel has been created in one of the oldest buildings in the oldest part of Stockholm. The hotel has not only single and double rooms but also rooms for families and friends.

The location is unique as Castle House Inn is located in a small and quiet street beside the Royal Palace in the ancient Old Town, well hidden by the Merchant Square away from noice and traffic. No need even to ask how far is the town centre, as this is in the very middle of it. Communications are truly easy and convenient to all areas of Stockholm.

Breakfast is served every morning at our nearby and well renowned outlet and there are plenty of dining possibilities near the hotel as well.

Especially on Österlånggatan and some of the other alleys of the Old Town, where several local and international kitchens would be found. They are all open long hours and all serve attractive and tasty food.

  • Minimum age for staying is 21 years if without parents.
  • Check in time 15.00 until 22.00.
  • Additional fees may apply for late arrivals after 22.00.
  • Breakfast is served at the bakery from SEK 125 /person /morning.
  • Hotel is strictly non smoking.


For swift respons, please communicate in writing to

   Contact us:   +46 (0)8 5511 5526   or